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VIGRIX TURBO – Stronger and Longer Erection – 60 caps


Vigrix Turbo is a herbal based nutritional supplement, a completely natural sex stimulant. Contributes to increasing energy and vitality in men, for a strong and prolonged erection. In women, it  increases blood flow to the genitals and sensitivity in the vaginal area, increases sexual desire.

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TABEX – Stop Smoking Tabs With Cytisine – 100 tabs


Tabex® is the first effective medicine in the world for smoking cessation, which does not contain nicotine and antidepressants. Tabex® is based on Cytisine, a plant origin substance .

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Skinoren Cream – For Acne and Melasma – 30gr


Skinoren is a topical cream used to treat acne. Among its ingredients, Skinoren cream contains the active ingredient azelaic acid. Azelaic acid has a dual mode of action; it reduces the growth of the keratin cells that block pores and sebaceous glands causing spots, as well as killing the bacteria that live on your skin that can be responsible for acne.

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UP – Ultimate Performance – Horny Goat / Epimedium + Icarin – 30 caps


UP is a natural sexual stimulant for men and women. Clinically it has been shown that the active ingredients therein favorably influence the libido and erectile dysfunction

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LIDERIN – Increases the Strength and Duration of an Erection – 6 tabs



  • Helps to induce and improve erection.
  • Positively influences sperm formation and mobility.
  • Promotes virility and positively influences spermatogenesis.
  • Improves microcirculation.
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EXODERIL Nailner 2in1 – For Fungal Nail Infections – 5 ml


EXODERIL Nailner 2in1 is intended for the treatment of fungal nail infections.


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